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Nodig Quiz enzo

free quiz

Put a quiz on your web page, myspace, piczo etc. Choose your own questions and answers. Also choose a background color or use your own background picture.

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Put a slide show on your web page or MySpace etc with xat's cool transitions like the one on the right. The slideshow can be any size you like. You can select up to 15 pictures, choose the transitions you want and randomize picture order. For more features and the ability to make PC and DVD slide shows please see our xatshow slide show maker.

nl:204nl:204nl:204nl:204nl:204nl:204nl:204nl:204nl:204nl:204nl:204nl:204 free room 101 or pet hate box

Do you have any pet hates? The xat room 101 allows you to enter them and see if your visitors agree. You can choose between 2 and 12 things you don't like use your own name etc. You can choose a background color or use a background picture.



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